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Target Gift Cards

  • Better rates for performers, bulk orders & old customers.
  • Fast Payment Release.
  • Multi Payment options such as Paypal, UMPS wire Transfer, cryptocurrency(bitcoin only).
  • Small & Big, Gift cards of all denominations are accepted.
  • No receipt required (However, Receipt will guarantee better rates as compared to otherwise).
  • email delivery as well as physical gift card(store gift card) blocking.
  • Max 2-5 minute Approval.

How to redeem Target play gift card:

  • Step 1: First initiate a chat.
  • Step 2: Tell me the Gift Card Name, Denominations, I will confirm you the contemporary price(*because there are fluctuations).
  • Step 3: If you are happy about the price, Pass me the Card, I will check the validity on my portal, If everything went as expected which I hope it does, I’ll ask you to signup on this website( and complete with your payment info where I’ll transfer your funds, No Verification is Required for transfer.
  • Step 4: After confirmation, I’ll transfer the funds within a matter of a few minutes(2-5 minutes).
  • If We kept making transactions and crossed a minimum number of 50 TXN’s, I’ll get you direct blocking portal at Better rates for blocking google play card.

[ Note: i) I will first check the validity of the cards, IF I kept passing blocked or problematic cards, This will cause me trouble on my processing platform. If the cards have any problem I will simply block your account along with your IP address. So please don’t pass any cards that have problems related to their functionality. If you are sure the card is working and is having funds. I assure you a safe and possibly long term trade If you so choose.

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